Data Service Platform

Data Service Platform is the platform for supplying raw data to front-end services such as A.I, IoT, Bigdata, Cloud and so on. The features that are not competitive with other solutions are the speed to gather data from industrial devices and the ultra high speed to archive gathered data. It means that front-end services which has been applied to the market for human services until now can be applied to industrial market which would requires the speed of data processing and integration of devices if they are built on Data Service Platform. 


If the physical network performance is fast enough, Data Service Platform can gather data with the fast speed of a few milliseconds and archive data with the event rate of 18 MHz. If the hardware on which Archiving system of Data Service Platform will be installed has high enough specifications, the archiving performance will be higher than 18 MHz. 

Cnix has supplied Data Service Platform which perfectly separate the layers of hardware and service applications and secured the stability, robustness and reliability ​through wide-range projects from big plants such as POSCO to civil systems.