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Collaboration of VDS with AI based CCTV of Hanwha

Finally, AI (Artificial Intelligence) based CCTV cameras, created by Hanwha Vision, have chosen the VDS (Video Distribution System) of Cnix for its service platform, a software package for Smart CCTV. These CCTV cameras, equipped with built-in AI processors, can detect predefined objects and transmit the information to the VDS without the need for a large AI system. For users, this results in a relatively lower cost to establish a Smart CCTV setup.

The information on objects detected by the AI-based CCTV from Hanwha Vision will be distributed to the responsible monitoring staff according to user-defined scenarios. These scenarios, consisting of priorities and other conditions, will be processed within the VDS.

The figure above illustrates the system configurations for Smart CCTV set up on Cnix's VDS. Configuration (a) represents the general system setup, while configuration (b) corresponds to the AI-based CCTV camera from Hanwha Vision. The configuration b) is well-suited for small local governments, specialized large buildings such as subway stations, hospitals, or football fields, among others.

Cnix is eager to collaborate with other companies in the CCTV camera industry.

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