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Energy and Env.

Waste Incinerator

In the plant where the house waste is being burned out, there are so many instruments, sensors and different kinds of controllers that depend on machines providers. Data Service Platform made these complicated devices for incineration virtual single machine on which  operators who are not an expert on each device can operate the waste incinerator easily.

Cnix is supplying Data Service Platform to integrate distributed systems over the industrial network communications.

Water/Sewage Process



To purify the water and sewage, many instruments, sensors and controllers would be distributed over the wide area. For example, in some province, one DCS is responsible for controlling and monitoring all devices which are distributed over the whole province, Cnix can support their system by Data Service Platform that can integrate all devices through the network, such as dial-up modem, null modem, internet and intranet.

The local governments of Goseong and Sunchon installed Data Service Platform provided by Cnix to control and monitor all instruments, sensors and controllers which were distributed over the whole area of province.

Power Plant



In the power plant, Cnix supported to integrate enormous number of utilities for generating electrical power. In the case of Yangjoo CES power plant in Korea, Data Service Platform which had been provided by Cnix, integrated the 7 gas turbines and another utilities.

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