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POSCO Benchmark Test

Benchmark Test in sintering factory of POSCO where 10 PLCs are running with the scan time of each PLC is 12 msec proved that Data Service Platform of Cnix can integrate 10 PLCs in 10 msec via Profinet.  As you can expect, the required interval to integrate devices in smart factory should be equal or faster than the scan time of PLC because some data which may be the key for analysis of system error can be lost if the interval was slower than the constant scan time of each PLC.

For the good results of A.I, it should be able to be fed up data without loss. See this video.


Cnix designed and provided the simulation software to find out the conditions under which the reduction rate of raw materials can be maximized in Finex process, and supplied the software by which user can analyze the products quality of Finex process and find out optimized parameters for control system.



Oil Tank, KNOC


KNOC is Korea National Oil Company. Cnix supplied the Data Service Platform for DCS system to be able to integrate distributed instruments and controllers. The reason why these chemical Processes would require the system such like Data Service Platform of Cnix is that they are usually made up of so many different kinds of instruments and standalone controllers with different communication protocols from each others as many as they are.

The powerful feature of softDCS, which is one of software package in Data Service Platform,  can meet this requirement to integrate enormous number of different kinds of devices.

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