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PSD (Platform Screen Door)


PSD is the system to control and monitor Platform screen door which separate platform from train to protect people from accidents. PSD system was designed first by Cnix in the year of 2005 and is being installed continuously whenever new stations are built in Korea. Through long time for installations and applications, PSD system became to be one of commercial software package in Cnix.

Seoul Metro

Seoul Metro installed PSD system of Cnix for around 200 stations. The services that PSD system is providing is monitoring status of all doors, control individual door, archiving data, report and so on. PSD server was installed in central control room and interface module was installed at each station, so all doors are integrated by Cnix. Now, Seoul Metro is working for new public services based smart technologies such like A.I, BigData and so on using integrated data by Cnix.

Sau Paulo in Brazil


In the city of Sau Paulo, Brazil, the interface software between the signal system for rail road provided by SIEMENSE and PSD control system provided by POSCO ICT was designed and supplied by Cnix. Cnix is the only company who has experienced the interface, which is based on the protocol of DIGISAFE, with signal system of SIMENSE in Korea.


The Korail(Korea Railroad) installed the PSD system in the year of 2010. Cnix designed and supplied the Data Service Platform to operate the PSD for 10 stations remotely.


From the year of 2015, Cnix worked for the project to integrate all devices, whose number is up to 1,400, that had been installed at all airports and vortexes in Korea. The Data Service Platform that had been delivered by Cnix integrated all devices that were distributed over the whole of Korea, so that staff in headquarter can monitor all devices remotely. From this project, people who are responsible for the safety of airplanes and airport became to monitor safety related data for all airports in same time. This makes people enable to recognize risks for safety in advance before they happen.


​Smart CCTV

Cnix designed the Video Distributed System, which is called VDS, and supplies VDS to local governments who have A.I based CCTV security systems. The distinguished feature is that VDS has the concept of scenario according to which the scene of detected object is transmitted to people who is responsible for in realtime. This is one of products of Cnix and CCTV oriented Data Service Platform. It can be applied to security for smart city and safety for smart factory.


The city of Paju installed VDS of Cnix to raise up the efficiency of monitoring CCTVs. The total number of CCTVs which are connected to VDS is around 2,000. Paju city is installing new CCTVs continuously and connecting to VDS.


VDS of Cnix installed and integrated all CCTVs that had been installed in the city of Hwaseong and number of CCTVs are reach up to 12,000. It is distributing analyzed image by A.I system to 80 monitoring PCs in control room according to the scenario of each user. Now people in Hwaseong are working on the new public services which is based on CCTV event data on VDS.

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