Platform Screen Door System in SMRT



SMRT is the Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit in Korea, which manages about 160 stations for the line of 5,6,7 and 8. In the year of 2008, SMRT installed the PSD(Platform Screen Door) system for 148 stations and has been operating them remotely by now with the help of Data Service Platform which had been designed and supplied by Cnix.  In the year of 2012, SMRT extended the PSD system for the new 9 stations of line 7. It expanded the coverage of Data Service Platform.

Cnix is the first company who designed the software to integrate PSD system in Korea, and the software became standard in the area of PSD business. 

Platform Screen Door System in KORAIL


The Korail(Korea Railroad) installed the PSD system for their sub trains in the year of 2010. Cnix designed and supplied the Data Service Platform to operate the PSD for 10 stations remotely.

Platform Screen Door system in Sau Paulo, Brazil

In the city of Sau Paulo, Brazil, the interface software between the signal system for rail road provided by SIEMENSE and PSD control system provided by POSCO ICT was designed and supplied by Cnix. Cnix is the only company who has experienced the interface, which is based on the protocol of DIGISAFE, with signal system of SIEMENSE in Korea.

Integration of all devices installed at airports in Korea.

From the year of 2015, Cnix worked for the project to integrate all devices, whose number is up to 1,300, that had been installed at all airports and vortex in Korea. The Data Service Platform that had been delivered by Cnix integrated all devices that were distributed over the whole of Korea, so that staff in headquarter can monitor all devices remotely.


Integration of all CCTVs in city of Hwaseong, Korea

Data Service Platform of Cnix integrated all CCTVs that had been installed in the city of Hwaseong and number of CCTVs are reach up to 8,000. It is distributing analyzed image to 80 monitoring PCs in control room according to the scenario of each user.