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Data Service Platform

Data Service Platform is the representative name of solutions which Cnix is supplying. It is composed of softDCS, Archiving System and another utilities to integrate all data from field devices and serve them to IT services such as A.I, BigData, IoT and so on.


This is the core part of Data Service Platform whose alternative name is engine. The basic roles are to acquire data as fast as possible from different kinds of field devices such as PLC, DCS and standalone devices, and standardize them. And it is the communication Hub on Data Service Platform.

The incomparable feature of softDCS is that signals from different kind of devices can be linked each other in logic on softDCS easily. It means that you can integrate all processes from the process of material input to the process of product output even though they are composed of enormous number of different kind of devices such as PLC,DCS and another standalone devices. This will transform your complexed processes to a single machine. 

Also softDCS can be applied to TMTC for wide-area distributed system. softDCS can run on various hardware platform from embedded device to enterprise server computer. So if you want to build wide-area TMTC system but system environment wouldn't allow your system to install inside of building, you don't have to worry about it because you can build tiny control system using softDCS which can run on embedded device.


Data Service Platform provides APIs for several famous languages such as GNU C, Java, Javascript, Python through which external system can read or write values of data from or to devices via softDCS.

If external systems are using another program languages, then they can communicate with softDCS through raw TCP/IP socket. XGate will prepare TCP/IP server socket for such system.

Live Excel

Live Excel is the interface for Microsoft Excel software which make you enable to view field data on your laptop using Excel software. From now, you don't have to install exclusive software which is supplied by manufacturer to view and analyze current data of devices on your laptop. It is enough if you have Excel software.

It can be used as a tool for making report in which current status or history of processes.

Archiving System(DAQ)

This is for data archiving with super fast speed. Our experiences in various field prove that the archiving speed is faster than a few mega events per second. If it is more tuned and use engineering tricks, its speed can be faster.

Archiving System provides the way of retrieving data as followings.

  • Web Interface

  • Json Data Structure including meta data

  • CSV exportation 

  • Simple graphic analysis on web.

  • Command Line Tools

  • Text based Graphic User Interface

VDS (Video Distribution System)

VDS is the CCTV oriented Data Service Platform which is placed between A.I based CCTV system and monitoring terminals and tansmits events of detected object by A.I to monitoring staffs who are responsible for according to user's monitoring scenario in realtime.

In scenario which can be configured and programmed in online, you can set the options of interesting area, interesting themes, date, time, object type, priority and so on. These configurations will make the task of monitoring CCTV more efficient by filtering out undefined events. And scenario can make users share a same CCTV with their different scenarios.

And high performance of VDS and well defined options of scenario wouldn't lose any events even though the number of total CCTVs is over than 10,000.

VDS can be a good solution for securityand safety in your smart city or smart factory.

PSD (Platform Screen Door) ICMS

PSD ICMS is special purposed Data Service Platform which is focused on control and monitoring doors of PSD. 

Seoul Metro in Korea installed PSD Integrated Control and Monitoring System(ICMS) of Cnix at 2005 first, and is purchasing station licenses for new added stations continuously.

The total number of PSD which are controlled and monitored by PSD Data Service System in Seoul Metro now reaches up to around 200 stations.

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