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US Branch

Finally, US branch of Cnix named “CNIXUS” has been set up in New York. It will work to expand the marketshare of Data Service Platform which will be provided by Cnix in North America, especially in the area of PSD (Platform Screen Door) and Smart CCTV.

Let’s go to

CNIXUS says that :

“Smart is defined as ‘programmed so as to be capable of some independent action.’ Recently there is a lot of conversations about ‘Smart’ Factories, "Smart" City, etc. If the ‘Smart’ is defined as above in these context, we believe that the current society already achieved attaining smart factories and smart cities.

However, Cnixus defines Smart different. For the factories and cities to be ‘Smart,’ the people in the environment has to be ultimately safe. Non-negotiably SAFE.

Cnixus is capable of making the Real Smart Factories and Smart Cities.”

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