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VERIFIED MARKET REPORT tagged Cnix as one of key players in PSD market. Cnix is supplying the software package for PSD integration, Control & Supervising, named with PSD ICMS. It was installed and has been running for 18 years at line 5,6,7 and 8 in Seoul, Korea. Recently, new stations are being attached to PSD ICMS and the total number of stations which are integrated by PSD ICMS over network is over than 180 stations.

Cnix has developed the version 3.0 of PSD ICMS that is 100 times faster than the previous version.

In view of that almost daily life of people in modern city is in near subway stations, PSD ICMS that was built up on Data Service Platform of Cnix can be regarded as a platform for Smart City.

It means that another services for smart city that are attached to Data Service Platform of Cnix such as the service of smart cctv can collaborate with PSD ICMS so to be able to give births new services for Smart City.

These services which can collaborate with each other on Data Service Platform will transform cities to live organisms that can evolve by only software. Cnix would like to help the safety of people and building smart city with Data Service Platform and PSD ICMS.

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